Séminaire Kairntech


The very recent emer­gence of LLMs (ChatGPT…) has clear­ly chan­ged the gene­ral public’s per­cep­tion of Natu­ral Lan­guage Pro­ces­sing (NLP) tools, making them much more attrac­tive and easier to use.

But is the same true for enter­prise applications?

A hands-on approach using docu­ments on concrete use cases to show:

👉 The short­co­mings of LLMs, where exact­ly are the limitations?

👉 Demons­trate seman­tic search com­bi­ned with ques­tion & ans­wer: a « ChatGPT-like” user expe­rience on inter­nal data… while adding links to sources

👉 How to use LLMs to speed up the crea­tion of lan­guage ser­vices, increase the qua­li­ty while kee­ping costs under control?

The Webi­nar will be free of charge and it will take (only) 40 minutes of your time!

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